Word of the day: Learn English App Reviews

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Good stuff

New words and works with the Apple Watch

Very good app to improve your vocabulary

Great app with relevant words for everyday use... I recommend it...


Its a good way to learn to word, i am often amazed about the spelling of the words but it exists. I am french so sometimes, i dont understand the explanation too, so its complicated. But for those native english, you can learn one word a day from this "dictionary". Totally approved !

Very Good

Im loving this app.


Its really good to know new words in english everyday.

A delight every morning!

Lots of fun!

Great words!

I like this app because it has words that you could actually use at some point, and the ones you might not choose to use in conversation are at least interesting. I recommend this app!

Simply put....



I love it! I like how it tells you how to say the word so you can hear how the word sound so that you know how to say it!

Awesome 5 stars

Great way to learn! Luv it!


Something to look forward to every day. Well thought out, easy to use.

Sleek and Modern

I love this app. It has an appealing design and offers a lot of words Ive never come across before. I would give it 5 stars but I find that the button for the spoken example doesnt work all the time. I high recommend this app to everyone.

Everything I Wanted and More!!!

Simple and effective (and fun!) :)


The words are good but the etymology, some synonyms, some antonyms and some related words should be added.


The most intellectually feeding app that I knew

So far so good!

Words are great and usable, plus you can access the whole library of words not just the daily ones since you downloaded the app.

Voice wont work?

Love the app, but the speaker wont work for listening to how the word sounds..?

Expand vocab

Easy to learn new words, revisit previous word of the day. Im using this to expand my vocabulary with my boyfriend.


Words that are useful

Love the words

Excellent selection of words

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