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Word of the day: Learn English app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 3088 ratings )
Education Reference
Developer: Unity
Current version: 1.9, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 25 Apr 2015
App size: 48.06 Mb

Become the smartest among your friends now… Learn one new word every day. As simple as that…

There’re thousands of words we don’t know the meaning. Professional English language tutors and lecturers gathered to hand-pick the most interesting words for you to develop your vocabulary.

- Become smarter by knowing the words that only nerds use.
- Act as intellectual being able to use them correctly in right situation.
- Become sexier by impressing other people with your speech.
- Show how eloquent you are by challenging your friends to guess the meaning or simply share the words with the world.
- New word attack every day – stable growth for your vocabulary

Scientists say that if to learn one new English word each day your brain acts faster and feels healthier.

Pros and cons of Word of the day: Learn English app for iPhone and iPad

Word of the day: Learn English app good for

Great app with relevant words for everyday use... I recommend it...
Its a good way to learn to word, i am often amazed about the spelling of the words but it exists. I am french so sometimes, i dont understand the explanation too, so its complicated. But for those native english, you can learn one word a day from this "dictionary". Totally approved !
I like this app because it has words that you could actually use at some point, and the ones you might not choose to use in conversation are at least interesting. I recommend this app!
I love it! I like how it tells you how to say the word so you can hear how the word sound so that you know how to say it!
Something to look forward to every day. Well thought out, easy to use.
I love this app. It has an appealing design and offers a lot of words Ive never come across before. I would give it 5 stars but I find that the button for the spoken example doesnt work all the time. I high recommend this app to everyone.

Some bad moments

The app itself is decent (though the words are often words I already know), but Ive gotten so tired of being harassed to write a review for the app everyday when I open it! So much so that I am finally writing and review and it isnt a pleasant one!! And even when I went to write a review, it tried to force me to email my thoughts instead. I get what you guys are trying to do, but this is just not the way to do it. I have deleted the app now because it is irritating even if it was a decent app outside of the harassment.
This app disgusts me. It is a perfect case of people taking things too far and abusing their positions. This app is well designed and developed, however; the writer in charge of making the examples for the words is extremely childish, bias, uneducated, and inaccurate. He/she decides to focus more on slamming the Republican party instead of providing helpful and educational examples and definitions. He also makes several grammatical mistakes while doing so. Very annoying. Very childish. And Im not even a republican.
Ill download it again when the developers of this app decide to grow up. Frankly Im so sick of hearing about politics, and this is the last place I expected to see it. Before downloading this I smirked when I saw someone complaining about the politics that are rampant in the definition examples on this app (it cant be that bad I told myself). First definition I got, the definition example was about Kasich saving the Republican Party from destroying themselves. Who cares!? I dont care if youre a communist or libertarian, democrat or republican...Please just make useful examples of these words so we can better understand their context.
I downloaded the app hoping to add some new words to my vocabulary. I did not expect it to be so political. In fact, it even promotes one politician indirectly. Hillary Clinton. If you are, for whatever drug induced reason, supporting her, download the application.
I thought I was getting a helpful Word Of The Day app. Instead more often than not the example of the new word is used in a sentence to attack Donald Trump and conservative views. Its tacky and low class that an app that should be teaching the customers a new word uses this venue to preach their personal political views more often than not. Regardless of my personal political views I would never support such tackiness. A very mean spirited approach to promote personal opinions rather than realizing not all customers share their views. Very disappointing the folks at Word Of The Days political tastes are force fed to customers who signed on to learn a new word. Am deleting this bogus app and only gave it one star because to write the review you had to.
The usage examples for many of the word are unnecessarily politicized. There is a nice variety of interesting words though.

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